Stanitsa, [stɐˈnʲitsə]

20,6 X 28,3 cm, 76 pages, hard cover
Photographs and text by Natasha Lozinskaya
English and Russian languages
Self-published, 2021

Kuban. My relationship with this southern province is not simple. I keep the distance by coming and leaving this place again and again, while being deeply engrossed into the Kuban colourful spirit.

I try on the role of a local resident, recognizing Kuban from inside. I am trying to figure out my own attachments
to the place and at the same time to cope with the “Russian emptiness” that surrounds anyone who happens to find himself in a province. Photography becomes a search for harmony in a place where, at first glance, it is hard to find it. 

I can’t stop declaring my love to these endless, sunny and fertile fields, distant horizons and local inhabitants. 

You will definitely find a temple if you come to a village on the edge of the earth — the hidden heart of the Russian past. And wherever you go, you will be amused by all-seeing domes and a snow-white temple bodies. As if you endlessly walk in circles. One can unintentionally come across anything in such places: life and death.