Natasha Lozinskaya is an artist working with documentary and art photography. She was born in Kirov (Russia), graduated from Moscow Literary Institute with a specialization in poetry, now lives and works in Saint Petersburg (Russia) and Krasnodar region (Russia).

Photography has become another expression of poetry for her and an attempt to find a national identity and harmony with the world around, to convey nostalgic feeling of a lost home. In photography she explores social themes, focuses on themes of relationships with the past, emotional attachments to places of residence. As the author she also interested in subjects of national identity, archetypes, magical realism, social and cultural features of the Russian outback in different regions. In projects she uses medium of photography, work with archives, collage method, texts.

Natasha Lozinskaya is a participant of several collective exhibitions. Her works have been published in such editions as “Dodho Magazine”, “Private”, “Colta”, “Novaya”, “Zapovednik”, “Republic”, “Takie dela”.

Bio| CV. Natasha Lozinskaya | Photographer


2022 — Danish School of Media and Journalism workshop “Transit Istanbul” with Mads Nissen and Mads Greve. Istanbul, Turkey 
2022 — modules one and two of the Canon Student Development Programme. Girona, Spain
2022 — photojournalism workshop by Andrei Polikanov “Beyond Photojournalism”. Samara, Russia   
2021 — educational laboratory of the HYDRA project, which studies the ecological context of St. Petersburg and unites young scientists, researchers and artists. St. Petersburg, Russia
2021 — Danila Tkachenko’s art photography educational workshop. Photo festival “Foton”. Kaliningrad, Russia
2020-2022 — Academy of documentary and art photography “Fotografika”, Saint Petersburg, Russia
2006-2011 — Literary Institute named after Gorky, faculty of poetry, Moscow, Russia


“PRIVATE” magazine, “Dodho Magazine”, “Republic”,  “Colta”, “Zapovednik”, “Novaya”, “Takie dela”, “Discours”. 

Selected group exhibitions

2023 — “No time”, cultural and exhibition center “Tower”, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia
2022 — “12/25”, “Zerno” gallery, Saint Petersburg, Russia
2022 — “Beyond Photojournalism” (curators Andrei Polikanov, Kristina Syrchikova), art space “Zero Room”, Samara, Russia
2021 —  “Family portrait” (curators Ekaterina Bogachevskaya, Asya Bobritskaya), gallery of Academy of art and documentary photography “Fotografika”, Saint Petersburg, Russia
2021 — Red biennale (curator Ekaterina Vasilyeva), Saint Petersburg, Russia
2021 —  “Fathers” (curator Liza Svetlova), “Zerno” gallery, Saint Petersburg, Russia
2021 —  “Go through the forest” (curator Asya Bobritskaya), Lisiy Nos, Saint Petersburg, Russia
2021 —  “Resistance of Materials” (curators Oksana Yushko, Arthur Bondar), art space “Horse”, Saint Petersburg.
2021 —  “Young photographers of Russia — 2021”, Kaluga, Russia
2021 — “Where the Past Remains” (curators Ekaterina Vasilyeva, Asya Bobritskaya), Saint Petersburg, Russia
2020 — “Young photographers of Russia — 2020”, Kaluga, Russia
2019 — “Festival of Theatre Photographers”, Krasnodar, Russia


2023 — “Pictures of the Year Asia 2023” (finalist in category “Cultural Practices”)
2022 — “Young photographers of Russia — 2022” (laureate)
2021 — “Young photographers of Russia — 2021” (finalist)
2020 — “Young photographers of Russia — 2020” (laureate)
2019 — “Festival of Theatre Photographers” (special jury mark)


FotoDepartament, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia

Artist talks, teaching, other activities

2023 — artist talk “From street photography to creating photo projects”
2022 — curator (with art group “Postoronnie”) of the group exhibition “Communication Tube”. Saint Petersburg, Russia
2022 — artist talk at the Academy of art and documentary photography “Fotografika” (zoom meeting)
2022 — workshop and lecture at “Postoronnie” master class. Samara, Russia
2022 — artist talk at the museum “Tower”. Yoshkar-Ola, Russia
2022 — organiser and mentor of the photography workshop (with art group “Postoronnie”). Kirov, Russia 
2021 — artist talk in the independent space “Vyatka Subjective”. Kirov, Russia  2020 — charity auction in support of doctors during pandemic “Photographers for doctors”, Fotografika Academy in cooperation with the Zhivoi Foundation and EverydayRussia