Place of power (2021-2022)

Okunevo — at first glance is a very ordinary Siberian village. Like in many Russian villages, it seems here that life and world order have not changed for many years.

But in the 1990s, a woman named Rasma Rozitis came to the village directly from India on behalf of an Indian guru and said that the ancient temple of Hanuman was in this place above or under one of the lakes. She said that the temple had magical powers. Since then, Okunevo has been called the place of power. Pilgrims from different countries and cities began to come to Okunevo, seeking their salvation and answers to the questions of the world, plunged into the sacred five lakes, explored ancient religious practices and saw prophetic dreams. Gradually, communities of different religions and beliefs began to appear in village. Worshippers of Krishna, Shiva, Orthodox Christians, Slavic pagans, esotericists began to live side by side with ordinary Siberian inhabitants. Now Okunevo is considered a temple of tolerance of all religions and mysterious place of power. It is one of the few places on earth where people of different confessions coexist peacefully.